My critique of Dr. Laudenslager's research is an objective, scientific evaluation, not an "emotional, animal-rights" opinion. However, laypersons with common sense are perfectly capable of spotting inconsequential research and need not be "emotionless" members of the scientist fraternity. Researchers often demand the public overlook the absence of "immediate impact" of their results and blindly accept that "someday" the results will apply. All too often, what appears irrelevant in the short run proves to be irrelevant in the long run.

Murry J. Cohen, M.D., co-chair
Medical Research Modernization Committee
Annandale, VA

Big Deal
I enjoyed Bill Gallo's review of Big Night ("The Good, the Bad and the Brilliant," October 3) and plan to see the movie, but I cannot believe that Gallo didn't mention Babette's Feast when looking at the film's predecessors. What happened? Didn't he like it or see it?

Oh, well, keep up the good work. Gallo's the main reason I read the paper.
Bob Mathews
via the Internet

Amazing Stories
Regarding Marty Jones's "Amazing Feet," in the September 19 issue:
Thanks for doing fantastic life stories such as this one! The lessons we all can learn from someone with such strength in his spirit is amazing. The article mixed with the powerful photos of Jeffrey Marshall brought forth an empowering feeling that anything can be possible and that the human spirit is something very precious.

Tim Fields
via the Internet

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