And sometimes it isn't even news. Before she came to Denver, Klinzing was news director at a station in Oklahoma City. There she sank her teeth into another newscast revamp, earning the station a lawsuit from a Muslim man splashily tapped as John Doe No. 2--along with plenty of criticism from other media outlets.

So far, the new 7News has contented itself with less weighty--and less problematic--scoops during its nightly snippets of what passes as news. For example, last Wednesday's "Real Life. Real News" offered a lighter-than-air profile of Alice DJs Frosty, Jamie and Frank. In a column on Monday, Denver Post columnist Joanne Ostrow compared that segment to a more "analytical" piece on radio that had aired the same night on Channel 4--without the participation of the three Alice DJs, since Channel 4 had refused to give station KALC final approval of the story. "Did Channel 7 grant KALC management story approval?" Ostrow asked, and then provided Klinzing's denial.

But that wasn't enough for the new pitbull of the press. On Monday evening's newscast and again Tuesday morning, 7News anchors read their station's dogged response to Ostrow's "untrue story." Channel 7 "did not and will not let anyone outside...determine the news you see and hear," they recited. "'Nuff said."

No, not nearly enough.

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