Chris DePinto, best known as half of Chris and Maggie, is looking for places to perform as well--because he's stepping out on his own. While he and Maggie (last name Simpson) are still a team romantically, they've found themselves drifting apart creatively. "I've been wanting to get back into a band," DePinto says. "I wanted to play some electric guitar and pretty much play some rock." To that end, DePinto, drummer Pat Gill (of Feds fame), bassist Shark and Australian guitarist Jason Manell have assembled an act they've dubbed '76 Pinto. "We have nine and a half songs," DePinto boasts, "and if you come to see us, you can bet we'll play all of them." Hold him to that pledge on Friday, November 22, at Boulder's 'Round Midnight, where '76 Pinto opens for Sponge Kingdom, and Saturday, November 23, at Acoustic Coffee in Nederland. Hopefully, Whores, Pigs and Ponies won't be in attendance; otherwise, the Pinto's gas tank may explode.

In less destructive news, steel guitarist Tim Whitlock is issuing a call for help regarding his band, the Dalhart Imperials. The band is scheduled to play the Hemsby Festival in England next spring and is in the midst of planning a swing through Germany, France and Switzerland around the same time. Current Imperials guitarist Dave Devore has a new baby, and he's decided that, unfortunately, he no longer has enough time to devote to the band. For this reason, the Imperials are looking for a new guitarist--one, according to Whitlock, "who's familiar with jazz stylings and can play the Westernized kind of bop we're doing nowadays." If you think you qualify, call Whitlock at 369-9229, extension 229.

Oh, yeah--the conflict between singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb and Boulder's What Are Records? label that you read about in this space some months back has been "amicably resolved." According to a press release from W.A.R.?, the lawsuit filed against Loeb by the company for allegedly breaking a management contract seconds after inking a contract with Geffen Records is being withdrawn. The statement concludes, "The parties have agreed not to comment further on the termination of the lawsuit or its resolution." Where's the fun in that?

Non-legal matters. On Thursday, November 21, Godflesh feasts at the Mercury Cafe; Genuine celebrates the release of its new CD at Herman's Hideaway, with Carolyn's Mother; the Radiators begin a two-night run at the Fox; and C-Ment Gypsy does likewise at Josephina's. On Friday, November 22, Carrie Newcomer warbles at the Swallow Hill Music Hall; Dave Gershen drinks up at Javastop, in Longmont; and Gamelan Tunas Mekar gets worldly at the Naropa Institute (call 444-0202 for more details). On Saturday, November 23, Five52Fern sneaks into the Lion's Lair; Mocket visits CU-Boulder's Club 156; Zeut suits itself at Herman's; Baldo Rex and Boss 302 play with the Drags at Seven South; Upsidasium! gets down at CU-Boulder's Fiske Planetarium; Jim Salestrom entertains at Golden's Silverheels Southwestern Grill; and the Connells go to the Fox. On Sunday, November 24, Moot battles the Czars at the Lion's Lair. On Monday, November 25, the Chocolate Hippies get their just desserts at Cricket on the Hill. And on Wednesday, November 27, "Tore Up," the rockabilly dance session hosted by the Dalhart Imperials' Kurt Ohlen, re-emerges at the Key Club, and the Bluebird Theater presents a pre-Thanksgiving show starring Slim Cessna's Auto Club, Jetredball and Denver Joe. Not a turkey on the bill.

--Michael Roberts

Backbeat's e-mail address is Michael_Roberts@ westword.comMichael_Roberts@. While you're online, don't forget to visit Michael Roberts's Jukebox at

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