Is That a Gun in Your Pocket?...

Tim McVeigh's not currently available, but there are other dateable patriots. Ask Marilyn.

And one of the truths she holds dear is that a strong man needs a helpful woman. Like Robert, who needs "a quiet, submissive, long haired, Caucasian, Christian woman to bait my fishin' hooks, etc." Or Dale, who's "looking for a petite patriot white female...who loves her family and country." Perhaps they would enjoy holding hand grenades with Linda, a "survival-minded, well-informed woman" who "wants to be prepared and will stand by your side when the chips are down." Or maybe Bonnie, who's "interested in Bible prophecy, talk radio, horses and cooking" and is "looking for an attractive large boned male." A few of the ads may strike some as disquieting, including one from an unnamed patriot (#N101 in Marilyn's tip sheet) who advertises himself as a power-plant mechanic with "nuclear" experience. Others are from patriots who might qualify as Renaissance men, such as Hugh: "I am a futurist, woodsman, survivalist and a hypnotherapist."

The tip sheet is heavily weighted with men looking for female partners, but Marilyn tells her readers that she hopes to rectify the situation by advertising for female clients in the magazine Women and Guns. Even without such marketing, she's drawing more and more people, and though she can't point to any marriages yet, she says, "I have some people with very serious sparks."

Marilyn describes herself as "a strong person, although very traditional." Many of her subscribers also fit that shoe, like Marianne, who says, "I enjoy being a lady but I can be tough when it comes to guarding freedom."

People outside the patriot movement have had a field day with such lines from Marilyn's newsletter--a recent issue of Harper's poked fun by featuring excerpts from the personals. But Marilyn isn't put off by the parody. The more publicity, the better. "It didn't bother me," she says with a grin. "I just think they should have put my phone number and address in."

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