Chuck Dodge

It's tough to decide who's more ignorant: Serene Dominic or Michael Roberts--Roberts back when he presented the Jerry Garcia editorial or Dominic with his ten worst concept albums list.

I'm not about to touch the nine others, just the one dealing with my favorite band, Yes. The same band that put Tales together in '73 just performed Tales in March with Wakeman gladly performing and recording a release at San Luis Obispo, California.

Educate yourself, Dominic, before you open your bias trap! And what makes you think people want to be reminded of that list of bullshit? Are you that desperate? Why are you following in the footsteps of Roberts and kind? Why don't you try opening your mind and really listening and perhaps getting to know Tales? It's a beautiful piece of work.

If you guys are that desperate for material, print the lyrics and let the readers judge for themselves. No, I suppose that would be too new-age for Westword and its teenage-wasteland mentality. But these four classic artists will continue to inspire well into the 21st century.

No doubt you guys will be extinct!
Name withheld on request

Claim Check
We were so impressed with Kyle Wagner's November 14 review of Claim Jumper, "Big Deal," that we put it on our list of new places to try. What a disappointment.

Instead of the monster portions your article suggested, we found otherwise. For the prices charged, the portions should have been much larger. Even if we would have finished everything, we still would have been hungry, and my wife is not that big of an eater. Also, our waiter spent so much time trying to sell desserts for the holidays that he hardly ever came around. And from the time we got our bill, we waited 22 minutes for the check to be collected. Strike three.

After all that went wrong, we have to wonder if we went to the same place you did. Egads, did you ever miss on this one!

Jim Schoendaller

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