When You Dish Upon a Star

9. Side Dish
Tante Louise, 4900 East Colfax Avenue
At this restaurant, almost every course was a contender for inclusion in my perfect meal. That's because Tante Louise's kitchen harbors one Michael Degenhart, a chef who is able to prepare flawless renditions of classic French foods. One such item is the duck confit, which Degenhart offers as a side to his roast breast of duck. The confit--salted meat cooked in its own fat--has it all over a side dish of, say, steamed broccoli. The fatty flavor improves everything it touches, especially the heirloom beans that come along for the ride.

10. Dessert
NoNo's Cafe, 311 East County Line Road
The sweet-potato crunch featured at this whimsically decorated restaurant overflowing with Southern hospitality is also available as a side, but its unbelievable sugary sweetness--compounded by the natural sweetness of the cooked-to-pudding-consistency sweet potatoes and the crumbly topping--might make it impossible to continue consuming the rest of the meal. Better to save it for last and take it on as your finale, so it won't compete with anything else. Decadent, rich and loaded with buttery goodness, NoNo's sweet-potato crunch is the perfect ending for a perfect meal.

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