Keep up the good reviews.
John Bobela

My wife and I recently returned from the Bay area, where we were fortunate enough to dine at Firenze by Night Ristorante in North Beach. Then we returned home to find a brief mention of them in your Little Nell review.

Suffice it to say that Firenze's food and service are still superb. We both remember the evening as nothing short of magical (though that may have more to do with the bottle of wine and the Sambucas for dessert). Glad to see that someone else agreed with us. Thanks for the great work.

Shawn Huckaby
via the Internet

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Rules of the Trade
Regarding Tony Perez-Giese's article, "The Word Is Out," in the December 5 issue:

Who could blame Oklahoma City bombing trial court reporter Paul Zuckerman for marketing his most valuable trade? I might just add that the hours he will have to put in to deliver that transcript reach far beyond the hours sitting in court. I'm sure the rest of Mr. Zuckerman's life is on hold right now. He will live and breathe that case until it is over, and he deserves to be well paid for it.

Carol Martin
via the Internet

Least of Java
Regarding Kyle Wagner's "Pour Me," in the January 16 issue:
I think Java Creek not only has the best coffee, but also the best atmosphere. I just thought it was funny that after two years of frequenting "the Creek," I happened to mention to the owners the specialness of their atmosphere--and then I read that their atmosphere leaves much to be desired!

Oh, well, to each his own. But if not Java Creek, then where?
Dorothy Moran
via the Internet

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