There will be a demonstration at Kriho's sentencing on March 7 at the Gilpin County Justice Center. The demonstration begins at 2 p.m.; Laura's sentencing is at 3. She could be sent to jail for up to six months. Please come and show your support for jurors' rights, because next time it could be me or you.

Tina Arthur
Gold Hill

Power Tools
Regarding Bill Gallo's "Slice of Life," in the February 20 issue:
I enjoyed Sling Blade right up to the inevitable lawnmower-blade killing. Since this was a fictional story, the author needn't have sent the message he did: that murdering a bad person is a good thing. Not everyone who views this movie is as well-adjusted as we (you?) are. This is a perfect example of the movie industry's poor handling of its power over the citizenry.

Lee Webb
via the Internet

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