It's the Rail Thing

For some Lakewood homeowners, RTD's proposed light-rail line looms too close for comfort.

Pfiffner notes that an increasing amount of Denver's traffic congestion consists of people traveling from suburb to suburb rather than to and from the city core; RTD needs more flexible solutions than light rail, he suggests. "The reason why most people want light rail," he says, "is that they're sitting in lines of traffic and thinking, 'If only all these other people would go on the light rail, then I could drive my car.' Unfortunately, everyone's thinking everyone else will use it."

Sitting in her backyard, fifty feet from where the train might some day clatter by, Georgia Keller refuses to give up. "I don't want to sell my home," she says. "It's such a bumbling thing, I figure we'll all be senile before it'll ever be built."

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