By failing to contact RMA representatives for factual verification, Ms. Calhoun subjected her audience to an unbalanced and inaccurate view of DIMP, groundwater treatment and issues related to the RMA Remediation Advisory Board. I welcome interested readers to contact the RMA directly or visit our Web site at pmrma-www.army.mil to obtain information about this and other issues at the RMA.

Kevin T. Blose
Deputy Program Manager
Rocky Mountain Arsenal

Stalk Line
Thank you for Steve Jackson's enlightening April 3 story, "Loved to Death," regarding Dana Garner's personal experience. There are no two stalking cases alike. We may be able to profile, with some accuracy, the general activities of escalation that a victim is likely to encounter, but as a threat-assessment professional, I assure you that no one can effectively predict a predator's specific behavior within any given time frame.

Some startling statistics: Four women die every day from domestic violence in this country; 40 percent of all females killed during criminal activity in the U.S. are murdered by their spouse, ex-spouse or former lover. There are over four million reported cases of domestic violence annually, while it is estimated that another forty million potentially lethal incidents go unreported. U.S. Department of Justice research indicates that the leading cause of death among women in America's workplace is homicide. Women die all too frequently at the hands of the people they love and trust. Maybe this Mother's Day, we could acknowledge the moms who may have stood up in defiance of their predator and are no longer with us or their children, as well as the moms who continue to provide a loving and nurturing home to their children despite the continual threat of violence they face every day. This crime is not about love: It's about power and control.

Dana is the co-founder of Stalking Rescue, a nonprofit organization dedicated to a pro-active philosophy of protection. We offer training to victims of domestic violence, as well as law enforcement and criminal justice workers and victim advocates. We are currently seeking volunteers (call 797-2635). Our goal is to empower the "prey" of these "predators" to become personally accountable for their own safety, case development and improved lifestyle.

Thank you, Dana Garner, for surviving and for your commitment to helping others survive.

Michael Newell
Stalking Rescue

Take Note
Regarding Michael Sragow's review of Paradise Road, "Prisoners of Bore," in the April 24 issue:

Michael, Michael, Michael. Obviously you didn't like Frances McDormand in Fargo, but calling it a one-note performance? Please! Keanu Reeves in Much Ado About Nothing--now, that was a one-note performance!

K. Gray

Stage Directions
I'd like to point out something missing in your Theater section. I have attended four plays in the last two years at Metro State College of Denver, all professionally well-executed and thoroughly enjoyable. But I have not seen one critique of these excellent productions.Metro State's theater is located across from Denver's "theater district," yet it seems to be consistently ignored. Please don't let your readers miss an opportunity to see the tremendous productions at Metro State College. Give them their deserved respect by including their plays in your newspaper.

Teresa Aronovitz

Culture Shock
Regarding Michael Roberts's "Future Shock," in the April 24 issue:
Although I must cheer Mr. Roberts for writing some stuff about "electronica," there should still be more press about it. Westword readers should be able to have more info about this music genre, and not just when a big name is coming to town. There is more to electronica than just The Orb, Future Sound of London, Chemical Brothers(?) and the like. How about some press about the Black Dog, B12, Detroit underground artists like Juan Atkins & Derrick May, or Richard Kirk (of Cabaret Voltaire), and other U.K. artists who have been producing top-quality electronica since the late Eighties? I think there is a market for this stuff here, however small and esoteric.

Please don't allow your readers to miss out on the "flip side" of electronica.

Derek Jordan
via the Internet

I wanted to let you all know that I thought Kelly Lemieux's April 17 article, "Heavenly Scent," about DJ Skunk, was great. I've been waiting for so long to see something about dance culture being reported in Denver, and now you guys are on top of it. The writing was sharp, too. Keep it up.

via the Internet

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