The Marlboro Woman

The AG's campaign fund is nicotine-stained--and critics say she's dragging her feet on tobacco suits.

But he was in the minority in the Judiciary Committee vote, and the resolution was sent to Appropriations. Gordon says he thinks it was sent there to die by Adkins with the help of Frank "Pancho" Hays, one of Colorado's highest-paid lobbyists and the man working against the measure on behalf of the Tobacco Institute. Hays gave $1,200 of his own money to Norton's 1996 Senate campaign.

Adkins and Allbright say they oppose Gordon's resolution. "I think this is just an effort by Representative Gordon to make the attorney general look bad," says Adkins.

"What I think," says Gordon, "is that Philip Morris has killed more people than Auschwitz, and it's rare that we get a chance to go after a company like that. We have that chance now, and we aren't doing anything.

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