Little Boy Lost

Accused murderer Renee Polreis pulls out all the stops in a pre-trial hearing.

The switch in direction and emphasis surprised Weld County district attorney Al Dominguez. "I think what we have is an attorney struggling to find a defense, any defense," Dominguez tells Westword.

In closing his own argument, Dominguez claimed Steinberg hadn't proven that David suffered from attachment disorder and that he shouldn't be allowed to present any evidence about the psychological theory at trial. Steinberg, however, claimed victory, saying he'd proved what he'd set out to prove--that David could have harmed himself.

Judge Klein appeared to agree, for the most part, with Steinberg. In his decision, issued this week, he ruled that Polreis may introduce evidence regarding attachment disorder, but only to explain some of David's bruising. However, the judge ruled that she may not use it in an attempt to prove that the child died of self-inflicted injuries or as a justification for child abuse resulting in death.

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