Special Handling

It's a guy thing: Two UPS men claim sexual harassment by another man.

"It's not something I wanted to do," he adds. "It's something I felt I had to do, or it would have escalated. I was treated like I was the perpetrator. And I didn't do anything; I was the victim. I feel like I'm a very strong person, physically and emotionally. And I'm a very tolerant person. But this was too much."

Garcia's lawsuit, which was filed May 1, names Dutton as an alleged harasser but not as a defendant. Kelly says UPS fired Dutton last year. An attorney for UPS did not return phone calls for this story.

After taking ten weeks off in the winter of 1996 for emotional distress he says he suffered when his supervisors did nothing to remedy Dutton's harassment, Garcia is now back at work. "It hasn't been easy," he says, adding that a lot of his co-workers continue to be mystified by a man feeling sexually threatened by another man. "If it wasn't me, I'd joke about it, too.

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