Raised From the Dead

Severely unattached children can be cruel, even harmful to others. And they can hurt themselves.

Here is what the defense plans to argue in Polreis's case: Alone one night in Greeley in early 1996, Renee might have disciplined her son--but David essentially beat himself to death. That's why, they plan to argue, David was found unconscious in the bathroom of his parents' home, bruised over most of his body.

Never mind the two wooden spoons wrapped in bloody diapers that were found in the trash can.

But at least someone was charged in connection with David Polreis's death.
Six months after JonBenet Ramsey was killed, the Boulder cops look no closer to an arrest than they did the day her battered body was laid under the Christmas tree.

Maybe they're waiting for someone to step forward and suggest that JonBenet killed herself.

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