After completing her show, Corley did something even more unexpected: She went to the Dogstar concert. "I wanted to give them another opportunity to impress me," she says. "They didn't impress me in the studio or on disc, but I thought maybe I was wrong. So I went to give them another chance, scoped the scene, and without question, they sucked." So, too, did Corley's confrontation with two men who identified themselves as members of Dogstar's management. "They gave me a ration of shit, screaming at me about defaming Keanu's family and his background and telling me that I would hear from their lawyers and that they were going to call my boss on Monday and get me fired." She adds, "These gentlemen were a lot larger than me, and they were shouting and waving their arms. I was afraid I was going to be hit."

The following Monday, July 28, Corley learned that a message had indeed been left at KTCL by an angry Dogstar representative. But although Dogstar's Los Angeles-based publicist and spokeswoman, Leah Horowitz, would neither confirm nor deny that future legal action would be taken against Corley and KTCL, litigation seems unlikely; after all, Reeves can hardly deny that he is a public figure. Moreover, KTCL higher-ups are standing behind Corley. Tsunami owner Tony Galluzzo, reached on his cellular phone as he drove to Fort Collins to inspect flood damage to another of his properties, KIIX-AM, said, "Caroline is absolutely not going to be disciplined. We try to give our personalities enough latitude so that they can be themselves, and I think she exemplifies that policy." KTCL program director John Hayes, himself a victim of Fort Collins flooding, noted, "We encourage our DJs to express their opinions, and Caroline has a lot of passionate opinions. But that's the beauty of Caroline."

Doug Kauffman, owner of nobody in particular presents, is considerably less complimentary. Although he said the incident will not endanger his relationship with KTCL, with which he has worked for ten years, he believes that Corley "ambushed [Dogstar] and treated them in an offensive manner. Her obnoxious behavior on the air is well-known. She's known to be that type of jock. We see plenty of radio in this market like that, and I guess now we hear it on KTCL. It's just another stupid DJ thing, like making fun of people in a mosque or laughing about a guy who drowned after having a seizure. She can't get sued over something like that, because it's free speech. But what we're really talking about is common decency and manners, and she didn't show them any of those."

Corley's reply? "I'm sorry that I hurt Keanu's feelings, and I certainly didn't want to cause any problems for Doug Kauffman. But I'm not sorry for what I said. My opinion is that Keanu Reeves is an asshole--and the Constitution says I'm entitled to it."

--Michael Roberts

Backbeat's e-mail address is: While you're online, visit Michael Roberts's Jukebox 2.0 at

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