First, the Denver area transportation system and its problems are immense. No one has claimed that light rail or commuter rail is the sole answer to all of our congestion or pollution. Considering the current investment and additional investment it would take to reduce congestion on our highways over the next twenty years, light rail is one solution representing a minor share of the overall investment.

It is obvious to anyone that building more and more highways has not eliminated congestion; it would be naive to think that one sole technology could solve a problem that has been so haphazardly allowed to develop and grow.

Our current light rail is popular with our citizens, as attested by its user levels. With rail service in our area's major arteries integrated with bus service, HOV lanes, moveable lanes and other system enhancements, we can provide efficient movement using less land. Light rail is not a panacea for pollution, but it would give those who like to ride comfortably in something other than a high-stress petroleum-fume-generator a real option.

In contrast, the conservative extremists only attack the efforts of their fellow citizens to deal with a problem; to date they have not proposed another feasible solution. One point well made: The politics of fear ("We need to play on fear") are alive and well! I trust the public will be more rational on November 4, 1997.

Larry Schulz

Toilet Talk
Regarding Mark W. Milburn's July 24 letter assessing Mile High Stadium's women's rest facility:

How does he know?
Charlie Haviland
via the Internet

A Different Drummer
In reference to the July 24 Feedback and L.K.G.'s statement that "white people" are "devils"--I had to stop and think for a moment after reading that. I guess I'd always sort of known it subconsciously but had never really admitted it to myself before: I am a bit of a devil.

It's so obvious and clear now why I've been behaving so terribly. I was born to raise trouble and nothing else. The reverberations of my being continue to ripple throughout space/time, wreaking havoc, chaos and discord.

Ah, well, somebody's got to do it.
Speaking of reverberations, in the same article, Michael Roberts bemoans the fact that Fuck Yo Punk Ass doesn't get many gigs. I know exactly how they must feel. My band contains the word "evil," and we are constantly prejudged on the name alone. And yes, it is annoying at times, but we believe in ourselves and we continue to evolve and improve. We're true to our sense of adventure and transitoriness. "If the fool would persist in his folly..."

In closing, I would like to say that I have learned to contain my more satanic inclinations. I haven't been out sacking, looting, raping, killing, burning, exploiting, torturing, enslaving, dominating, conquering, persecuting or brainwashing anybody lately--activities participated in by every segment of the human population at one time or another as is historically recorded over and over again in books, paintings, songs, scrolls, tablets and temple walls. Read it and weep.

The goal of hip-hop is the same as any other form of expression: to enlighten and to entertain.

Play on, drummer.
Bruce Kaufman

This is regarding the Feedback article about hip-hop in Denver. I just want the readers to know that the group Fuck Yo Punk Ass and 1332 Records do not represent the majority of local hip-hop talent and fans here in Denver. Being an upcoming local hip-hop artist myself, it is quite embarrassing to see such ignorance displayed in the name of hip-hop. I don't mean to "Playa Hate," but I want the readers to know that there is some real hip-hop in this city and not some so-called gangstas talking shit on record. Hip-ho p has already gotten negative connotations in this city through radio and concert promotion; we don't need some so-called rappers giving us more bruising by way of the old and played-out "gangsta rap."

This kind of representation holds hip-hop down as a nation, culture and way of life. We need to move past this mentality and go to the next level.

Quibian "Q" Smith

The Diner Things in Life
Thanks to Robin Chotzinoff for an extremely insightful and well-written review of the Southside Diner ("Easy Kids' Stuff," July 24). It is reassuring to find a writer who truly appreciates variety in food, service and ambience. I believe diner food is an undeniable restaurant category with definite quantifiable standards. Robin hit them dead on the head. Diners as a group are often overlooked by restaurant reviewers. But be that as it may, somehow they are the place where we end up when all other types of food fail us. The diner experience, done right, is equally fulfilling for the body, mind and soul.

Carl Svec

The Ego Has Landed
Regarding Robin Chotzinoff's review of Cafe Brazil, "Mouth of the Border," in the July 17 issue:

Less reviewer, more restaurant.
Check your ego at the door. Try using the third person once in a while. I read these reviews to learn about Denver restaurants, not about your life.

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