Mary Norton
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I don't know how y'all do things in Denver, but in Virginia, Caroline Corley would definitely be the asshole.

Tyler Tucker
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I'd love to buy Caroline Corley a drink...Hell, I'd let her drink on me all night, just to thank her for calling it like it is. I'm sorry I missed the Dogstar interview; it sounds like a riot. In an era when the American public shoves its collective nose up the ass of any celebrity, talented or not, Caroline's treatment of Reeves gives me hope that there are still people out there who don't kowtow to fame...And the famous expect it, as evidenced by Reeves's management going to the principal and telling on Caroline.

What a bunch of babies! It's time we made celebrity earn its keep. Caroline's earning hers.

Robert G. Church

I've just read your story on Corley's interview of Dogstar, and my first thought was, "Just who is she, and why does this rock group have to impress her?" I've heard Dogstar a couple of times, because I'm a fan of Keanu Reeves, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the band doesn't "suck" but is a competent, confident trio. This seems to be the opinion of a lot of reviewers across the country. I guess I'm just tired of Howard Stern wannabes who are unpleasant, rude and downright sleazy to real "stars" in order to advance their own "magnitude." I thought the DJs in my area were bad, but she certainly tops them.

Lois Benedict
via the Internet

I'm sure you must be aware--mustn't you?--of the sleaziness and cowardice it takes to bait Keanu, insult him, mock him and then, when he becomes "uncooperative" and has "attitude," call him an asshole. This is the most irresponsible, discourteous, shameless garbage I've ever seen--and directed at someone who deserves it less than anyone on the planet. Having met and spoken with Keanu several times, I can say that I've never met anyone more gentle, respectful and kind. He's a prince. Of course, I was there to support him and thank him for being there and for his wonderful acting--so I guess that had something to do with his response.

Why does he even bother to talk to people who call themselves journalists? Pearls before swine! (And yes, this letter is directed every bit as much to Michael Roberts as it is to Caroline Corley.)

Robin Ann Barron
via the Internet

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