Mike Shubov
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Patricia Calhoun's piece on JonBenet was somewhat timely, yet I think I speak for millions of us when I ask: What about my issues?

In light of current findings regarding strong links between cancer and those who grew up in the shadow of Oppenheimer's toy, when will you in the Fourth Estate write stories exposing mass child abuse of innocent American children? For my own part, I was subjected to not only cesium-110 exposure through dairy products, but whatever the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons facility (not to mention the Rocky Mountain Arsenal) could spew out for 39 1/2 years.

But I've gotten off point somewhat. It truly is too bad about JonBenet, but what is the hoo-ha about? She is just one of many, and honestly her suffering is over; meantime, my inner child glows in the dark.

Forgive my impudence, Patricia, but from where I stand it seems to me that you and your colleagues are living the "good life" exercising your freedom of speech (as well as all other freedoms) for the sacrifices the innocent children of my generation have made. Isn't it about time you recognized those sacrifices? Where in the hell were you when I really needed you? Smokin' your smoke, drinkin' your drink and generally playing grown-up?

David S. Schneider
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Howdy, Neighbor!

In response to T.R. Witcher's July 31 article, "Fallen Angel," about the couple who tried to put up a simple statue in their front yard and were thwarted by the unfriendly neighborhood fascists known as the homeowners' association board: I can sympathize with their plight.

I once lived in a homeowners'-association-controlled neighborhood, and for the seven years I owned that townhouse, I witnessed incredible abuse of power, including misappropriation of funds, nepotism and petty politics that would embarrass even the most seasoned politician. It seems that if you give a few folks a little power, it goes straight to their heads, and there's no wresting it from them if they have the power of proxy to boot. And unfortunately, as these entities are considered corporations rather than governments (despite having the authority to pass laws known as regulations, levy taxes referred to as fees and pass judgment on those who dare to cross them), they answer to nobody but themselves (including other homeowners).

My advice: Move. I did, and I'll never live in a covenant-controlled community again. These people have too much power for anybody's good.

Ron Howerton
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Much Ado About Keanu
Your August 7 issue was the "Much to Read About Nothing" issue.
An entire page dedicated to letter-writers defending Keanu Reeves's musical gift? Not even the mention of his name repeatedly could whet a woman's interest. Spelled out: Models turned actors aren't better musicians.

The Mexicali Express from here to Juarez and back (Tony Perez-Giese's "Taking a Trip Aboard") was two days of timed turkeyism--which leads us to Robin Chotzinoff's "State of the Union" discovery of the number-one worst place to eat in Denver...only for about the last five decades.

Finally we find any real writing in Rob Brezsny's "Real Astrology." This is why my teenager reads the personal pages first.

Mae Eckels

Obviously, Susan Dunlap has had one too many sexual fantasies unfulfilled ("Star Power," July 24). Dripping with bitterness--one would think she has a vendetta. I've heard Keanu Reeves's band and, sure, they are not the next Pearl Jam, but they don't sound like fingernails on a chalkboard, either. I think that it is fair to say that because of Reeves's fame, Dogstar is getting more open doors than they should. They are, however, reminiscent of many college bands that feature a group of guys who love music and will play anywhere. Neither those guys nor Dogstar will make it onto the radio, but for a fun night out, I don't think most people will be disappointed.

Susan needs to get over herself already and get a date.
Erica Peterson
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Regarding Michael Roberts's Feedback column of July 31, KTCL deejay Caroline Corley may be entitled to her opinion, but the fact that she has access to a microphone is unfortunate. She only manages to shame herself by declaring Keanu Reeves to be an asshole. He has been making movies for more than twelve years. He has a reputation for being charming, self-deprecating and kind to most people. To bait him with this sorry old rumor when he was obviously there to discuss the band and its music was totally without merit. To strike out at him for not responding to her bad manners only reinforces my opinion that the woman is an idiot...and guess what, the Constitution says I'm entitled to it!

Ida M. Garza
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I was distressed to read that another media person has taken a few cheap shots at Keanu Reeves. If Caroline Corley had any media sense at all, she would have been aware that Reeves can be very open if the questions are on topic and involve the reason for the interview--the music. Instead, she was rude and invasive. Reeves is a private person and has the right to his privacy. His personal life has nothing to do with his acting or playing music. Her main purpose was to shock and stir up her listeners.

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