The GOP? In Boulder?

A mainstream Republican starts what could be a strong run to replace David Skaggs in Congress.

Sharon Klusman, a Republican who lost to Miller in the 1994 primary after splitting the vote with other moderate Republicans, says Greenlee has so much credibility that he probably is keeping other candidates away.

Not only dies he have credibility, but Greenlee has money. Klusman says big-time political donors tend to wait until after primaries to make contributions. But Greenlee could use his own money until then, although he says he doesn't plan to finance his primary race entirely on his own.

He says it is important to convince people to give him money for a campaign as a sort of test to see if his candidacy is viable. "It's a good, real-world test," Greenlee says.

But Klusman says it will take more than money to beat the well-organized religious-right wing of the GOP, which is extremely active inside the party on the precinct level.

"Bob Greenlee has a big job in reactivating the numerically greater--but not as active--Republican core," Klusman says.

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