The Harried Experiment

It's fitting that the theater should serve as an arena for the clash of human passions and thought and that the metaphorical trees (family and otherwise) of society's sacred shibboleths should be given a firm shake or two to determine if there's any real meaning to be found in them for our lives today. However, mounting a play in a garage and surrounding it with the trappings of the drama's more radical means of expression does not automatically elicit the kind of social response representative of the 1960s, any more than playing the music of those times and hanging out in a coffeehouse will, by osmosis, transform a person into a revolutionary.

Far from seizing control of the mountaintop of theatrical expression, which the experimental theater's pioneering soldiers held long enough in their heyday, the LIDA Project's latest effort, while full of good intentions, succeeds only in marooning a talented cast in the wilderness.

Daughters of Lot, through October 5 at The LIDA Project Experimental Theatre, 50 South Cherokee Street, 293-9193.

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