P.S. There is plutonium in the Lowry Landfill. Citizens, workers at the sewage plant and eastern Colorado farmers have united to call for an investigation of the EPA Region VIII office for fraud, malfeasance, negligence and coverup, and criminal investigations appear to be warranted as well.

Adrienne Anderson
via the Internet

Editor's note: In "Sister Sludge," Stuart Steers quoted Adrienne Anderson at length regarding her claims that plutonium has been dumped at Lowry Landfill. So far, though, Westword has not found "documentary evidence" that would confirm those claims. For more on Rocky Flats--including the first story about the Rocky Flats grand jurors, originally published in Westword in September 1992--visit www.westword.com

There Auto Be a Law
Congratulations to the employees of Frontier Honda who had the courage to call the cops when they recognized the domestic violence on their automobile lot--even when the perpetrator was Keith Weinman, a well-known media personality (Patricia Calhoun's "Once Upon a Mattress," August 21).

The public is too often frightened and intimidated by predators and afraid of retaliation if they blow the whistle on them. So we look away and pretend not to see it. If more businesses followed Frontier's example and displayed zero tolerance for domestic violence, we could sanction batterers and help women stay alive.

KOA could take a lesson.
Mary Dreger, Executive Director
SafeHouse Denver

Blackboard Bungle
Regarding Kenny Be's August 28 Worst-Case Scenario, it's ridiculous and out of order for Denver police officers to be in Denver Public Schools. How can DPD management justify pulling officers off the streets in an already high-crime neighborhood to sit at a middle school that has security personnel?

These kids already have a mistrust of the police; now they're being monitored at school and in the street. This distrust is going to be directed at the school, which should be a safe zone. As for being role models, that's the job of the parents. This sounds like another gravy-train job for soon-to-be-retired police officers.

Daniel C. Martinez Sr.

Error Jordan
The only U.S. ally in the Middle East, tiny little Israel, is surrounded by 70 million Arabs, most of whom would like to see every Israeli floating face-down in the Mediterranean Sea. To Victor Padilla and Peter Kent, whose letters were published in the September 4 issue, I would like to say that there already is a Palestine. It's called Jordan. Jordan is Arab Palestine; Israel is Jewish Palestine.

If it weren't for men like Sam Sterling, there would be no Israel today, and Jews would be at the mercy of the anti-Semites, of which Hitler is but the most extreme example.

Brian J. Moriarty

In your last issue, a sanctimonious letter writer condensed his knowledge of history, anthropology, religion and linguistics into two paragraphs consisting of many slurs and fabrications against Israel and Jews. Most of these errors are obvious, but two of them are too common. 1) Judaism is a religion, not a race, so we have very blond and very black Jews. I wish we had more Asians, to whom he refers contemptuously, saying that modern Jews are converted Asians. That's supposed to be bad? 2) "Semitic" refers to a language group, not a race or ethnic group. It's a term coined by a nineteenth-century German. The correct term for anti-Semitic is "Jew-hater" or, if one needs to be fancy, "Judeo-phobe."

Ida Uchill

Big Deal
This may be too little, too late, but I just read Kyle Wagner's review of the Cheesecake Factory ("Factory Reject," August 28), and I couldn't help but sit down and add my two cents to the story.

Not only is the review right on target in terms of food quality, quantity and price, but wait--there's more. The Cheesecake Factory is a corporate monster in disguise, feeding on our city while pretending to give us what we always wanted: our money's worth. This may seem to be an exaggeration, but it is important that we recognize these things when they happen.

Everything about the restaurant is huge: the floor, the helpings, the staff and the menu. It is all to hide the small-mindedness that goes into running such a restaurant. If you talk big enough, and if people know that they can leave home and go anywhere in the country knowing that there is a Cheesecake Factory and that they can still feel as if they are at home, then there is big money to be made.

We are nothing more than a bunch of numskulls, hoping that we will never have to think in order to get through life. The food doesn't have to be good, just as long as there is plenty of it and it doesn't cost too much. Thank god Mommy still calls me home to dinner, even if she has to use a vibrating beeper these days.

Andrea Welte

Kyle, you have no idea what this business is all about. I have worked at both the Claim Jumper and the Cheesecake Factory, and I like the Factory better. If you have a better product and sell it for a reasonable price, you win. The local places, of anybody, should know this. If you're looking for a fun place to go with kids, go to McDonald's.

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