Chris Blair
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Yippee! I was so excited to read Kyle Wagner's review again in Westword. Is she back for good?

Connie Sherman

Regarding Nick Mello's August 28 letter about Kyle Wagner and the food reviews: Baahhh!

If you think Westword readers/diners and writers are sheep as far as knowing a) what we find, food-wise, is excellent, and b) how to write a restaurant critique, please write us all a guidebook as to what we should be understanding about either, in your estimation.

Also, perhaps you could write a cookbook. And for all of us Denver sheep, please feature a mutton recipe! Thank ewe, Mr. Mello.

Reyn Bayard

Teenage Wasteland
Regarding James Mayo's "There's a Riot Going On," in the September 4 issue:
Here's a news flash for Atari Teenage Riot's Alec Empire: Paying lip service to revolutionary psychodrama didn't change anything then, and it's certainly not changing anything now. Your music is the aural equivalent of spray-painting an anarchy symbol on the wall of your high-school bathroom. Of course, I'd probably be a lot more sympathetic if your new music wasn't total crap, more suited for a Surge commercial than for the serious music listener.

Jonathan Armstrong
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Bass Behavior
Regarding Linda Gruno's "Out of the Shadows," in the September 4 issue:
I have not been a member of the Pan Jumbies group since the summer of 1994. A very talented gentleman named Eric Thorin is the current bassist for the Jumbies. I have been trying for some time to put some distance between myself and the Jumbies group--or cult, if you prefer. Musical anarchist Don Prorak travels around the metro area with his band in a Volkswagen bus, filling the air with a twisted blend of soca-calypso. Yikes!

Furthermore, the five smolts that make up the Always...Patsy Cline band aren't neurotic enough to be called an orchestra.

Bob Underwood

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