The People's Hired Gun

A private attorney defends the city's honor--and her hefty legal bills, which you are paying.

Despite the growing cost of the litigation, Muse says he has no hesitation about renewing McGihon's contract, which will have to be done before her August bills can be paid. "She's done an excellent job to this point, and I see no reason to change that," he says. "She'll continue to handle the lawsuit for the next five years if necessary. Miriam Reed is raising questions about the integrity of this mayor and this administration. These are issues of public policy that are worth fighting for, whatever it takes."

If Reed prevails in her lawsuit, the city will be on the hook for her legal fees as well as those of its outside attorney. But Muse says there's no chance of that happening.

"We will win this case," the city attorney declares, with the bravado of Joe Namath circa 1969. "It's a slam dunk. It won't even be close. I look forward to trying this case. I can hardly wait.

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