As the sun set, things began to heat up at both the Soiled Dove, which featured Wendy Woo, Opie Gone Bad, Preacherman and the Congregation and Blister, and the Great Room at Wazoo's, whose bill included the Healers, Hamster Theatre, Hazel Miller and the Caucasians, Lord of Word and the Disciples of Bass and the Psychodelic Zombiez; probably the only folks who didn't have a good time were claustrophobics. Things were spottier at Rock Island, but even though the Czars and Petrol Apathy did not draw as well as Kingdom and the mighty Hate Fuck Trio, which is threatening to turn into the world's funniest band (witness Sam DeStefano's impassioned argument in favor of drinking for minors), the collectives did strong work. Meanwhile, at Skybox at Jackson's Sports Rock, Apostle preached the hip-hop gospel to the collected masses, Brethren Fast churned out guitar riffs and craziness before a beyond-capacity mob, and Old Bull's Needle stuck its brand of punk and metal to its willing suppliants. Capping the night were the Throttlemen, whose fans included a wedding party, complete with a tuxedoed groom and a bride still in her formal gown. No word about whether they consummated their marriage at the bar.

Was the bash perfect? Nope. A handful of groups wound up at incompatible venues, and ultra-annoying technical problems (especially at McCormick's and the Sports Column) caused a slew of shows to start far later than scheduled. (For example, the Zombiez went on forty minutes after they were supposed to have started.) Moreover, the weak attendance at the first shows suggests that they simply were slated too early. But the good news is that year three confirmed that there are a lot of you out there who care about local music as much as we do.

A great many readers were wowed by "Amazing Feet," Marty Jones's September 19, 1996, profile of Jeffrey Marshall, a musician who overcame birth defects by learning to play the bass guitar with his feet. However, few have gotten a chance to see him work his magic live. That situation will be amended this week thanks to Very Special Arts Colorado, a nonprofit organization dedicated to "enriching the lives of people with disabilities and making the arts in Colorado fully accessible to people with disabilities." On Tuesday, September 30, the group sponsors ABLExpressions, an event that takes place at three South Pearl Street locations: Hugh's New American Bistro, Stella's Coffee House and the Vogue Theatre. Channel 7 meteorologist Pam Daale is the emcee for the show, which also includes a performance by comedienne Geri Jewell and a silent auction of various items, including a sculpture donated by noted artist Ivan Schlutz. For more information, call Price Daniel Communication at 904-1820.

Wil Masisak, who is both the owner of Broken Records, which released the latest disc by Wojo (see the article on page 74), and the leader of recent Westword profile subject You Bastard ("Bastardized," August 7), has yet another item to place on his resume. He recently was chosen to provide accordion, guitar and backup vocals on the current tour of acclaimed singer-songwriter Dan Bern ("Let It Bern," April 17). He'll be traveling with Bern for the next three months, and some of the gigs in which he'll participate are rather tony: For instance, the third date finds Bern opening for Ani DiFranco in New York's Central Park. Garth Brooks, eat your heart out.

The annual Summit Jazz weekend takes place from Friday, September 26, to Sunday, September 28, at the Hiatt Regency Tech Center. Among the acts scheduled to appear are the Hot Antic Jazz Band, which hails from Nimes, France, the Jim Cullum Jazz Band, based in San Antonio, Texas, Denver's Alan Frederickson Jazz Ensemble and the Jim Galloway All-Stars. To receive details about times, ticket prices and other assorted factoids, dial the Summit Jazz Foundation at 670-8471.

The Christians among you have a couple of interesting shows from which to choose this week. The Call, fronted by Michael Been, performs outside the secular arena, appearing with the Pasty White Blues Boys at Crossroads Church in Wheat Ridge on Sunday, September 28. The following night, Monday, September 29, the Supertones, a ska act in the Five Iron Frenzy tradition, joins Stavesacre and Ghotti Hook at the Aztlan Theatre. They'll be working at cross purposes.

Below: more show info, accompanied by the requisite number of bad jokes. On Thursday, September 25, Freak Hungre gets hungry for freaks at the Cricket; the Savoy Orchestra swings at the Mercury Cafe; and Skin burns at the Boulder Theater during a party tossed in honor of the new disc Don't Buy the Man Another Drink. On Friday, September 26, Robben Ford motors to Herman's Hideaway (Ford also drives to the Fox Theatre on Saturday, September 27); aerosol attempts to destroy the ozone layer at Seven South, with volplane and Mini Series; and Richard Dean, Karen Capaldi and Ellis Paul team up for a "Writers in the Round" session at Swallow Hill Music Hall. On Saturday, September 27, Ava Pele and the Kama Sutra tout a new CD, Salome's Dance, at the Bluebird Theater, and Craobh Rua, accompanied by Andy M. Stewart and Gerry O'Beirne, causes nightmares for copy editors at Cameron Church, 1600 S. Pearl. On Sunday, September 28, Ben Stevens hypes Reservation Blues, a fresh disc of his own, at the Mountain Sun Brewery in Boulder, and Velvet Chain wraps up Blues-Flux-Delux at CU-Boulder's Club 156. And on Wednesday, October 1, singer-songwriter Greg Garing infests the Bug Theater, and Faith No More plays for believers at the Ogden Theatre.

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