Just where do you think you're going? On Thursday, October 9, Entuoblivion is carefully pronounced at the Cricket on the Hill, with Half-Way There and Freak Boy #9, and Jackson Galaxy can be observed at Penny Lane. On Friday, October 10, Conjunto Colores serves up the salsa at the Mercury Cafe; Patti Larkin headlines at the Oriental Theater; '76 Pinto chugs at the Cricket, with Boondoggle and the Damn Shambles; the Smugglers sneak Scared of Chaka into Area 39; and K Records' own Mocket joins labelmate L.A.L. at the 15th Street Tavern. On Saturday, October 11, the Hate Fuck Trio hosts a martini party necessitated by the release of its new Shaky Records EP, Ol' Blue Eyes, at the appropriately hued blue room; the Emirs and Sizewell play a free show at the 15th Street Tavern in honor of their new split seven-inch (the 8-Bucks Experiment is also on the bill); Chief Broom pow-wows at the Ogden Theatre; Sunshine Blind sees the light at Area 39; Electric Summer breaks out at the Lion's Lair, with aerosol; and the Alison Brown Quartet drops by the Oriental in the company of Chesapeake. On Sunday, October 12, Wendy Woo and Hannah Alkire team up at Boulder's Caffe Mars, and No Knife tries to cut it at CU-Boulder's Club 156. On Monday, October 13, Stiff Little Fingers stick up at the Bluebird Theater, with Gang Green. On Tuesday, October 14, Lycia and the Czars fill Area 39. And on Wednesday, October 15, Mike Watt shines at the Fox Theatre; the Boulder Theater pops the tops on the Royal Crown Revue; and the Wig Farmers brush up at Soapy Smith's, with Red Yak. Hair Club for Men members are encouraged to attend.

--Michael Roberts

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