Short Circuits

Their reactions to Tina's pregnancy, as well as the responses of Woolley's sidekick, Jill (Catherine DiBella), are fairly predictable. Unlike its companion piece, however, this play's highly charged exchanges resonate with both the acting company and the audience. If it weren't for its pervasive profanity, Tough! would make an ideal show for high-school students. But then, the dialogue probably isn't much different from what teenagers hear every day in far less constructive surroundings. Regardless of how crudely it is expressed at times, the play's sobering message remains as timeless as it is immediate.

Spunk, through November 8 at the Eulipions Cultural Center, 1770 Sherman Street, 863-0026. Salt-Water Moon and Tough!, in repertory through November 15 at the Acoma City Center, 1080 Acoma Street, 458-0755.

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