Live Fast, Die Young

She was fifteen going on twenty-five, but three bullets made sure Jenny never saw sweet sixteen

Stroud parked the truck next to the garage, got out and began walking up the stairs that led to his apartment. "Do you want me to take her up now?" Corkins called after him, but he shook his head.

"What's going on?" Jenny asked. She was truly afraid now. Corkins didn't answer.

Stroud returned carrying a pair of handcuffs. Too late, Jenny tried to get away. But with Corkins holding the girl, Stroud soon had her restrained. Jenny began to cry.

"Shut up!" Stroud snarled as he removed his belt, which he looped around the handcuffs. Using the belt as a leash, and with Corkins pushing from behind, Stroud pulled Jenny from the truck and yanked her up the stairs into the apartment.

After hooking the belt over a bathroom door, pulling Jenny's arms over her head, Stroud disappeared with Corkins. The frightened girl pleaded to be released.

Stroud returned alone. "Shut up and stop crying," he demanded. "Or else." He held up a thick leather belt with a Harley-Davidson buckle and metal studs.

When Jenny didn't comply, Stroud began to beat her with the belt, striking the back of her legs, her buttocks, her shoulders and the sides of her chest. Every once in a while he'd pause and order Jenny to stop crying and to call him "sir." When she continued to whimper, he warned her that he was going to use an electric stun gun unless she did as she was told. Jenny did her best to choke back her tears.

Stroud disappeared again. This time when he returned, it was with a handful of ice cubes. He yanked Jenny's pants down and pulled her shirt above her breasts, then began rubbing her with the ice, saying,"I've always wanted your sexy body."

Jenny tried to fight and managed to pull one hand free before she was restrained and beaten again. Realizing her struggle was futile, she pulled herself together and stopped crying.

Satisfied, Stroud unhooked Jenny from the bathroom door and led her into a bedroom. Corkins was on the bed, dressed in a negligee and watching a pornographic movie. Stroud sat down, forcing Jenny to sit between his legs and watch the movie. He demanded that she drink beer, and each time she finished a bottle, he handed her another--six or seven over a twenty-minute period. And all the while, he kept telling her to address him as "sir" or face the stun gun.

After Jenny finished the last beer, Stroud told her he was going to take off the handcuffs. But if she tried to run, he warned her, his dog would "take care of" her. Afraid of the animal, Jenny could only nod.

Corkins seemed to enjoy threatening the girl. But Stroud cautioned, "This ain't about a grudge, it's a lesson." The lesson included forcing Jenny to perform oral sex on Stroud and Corkins, on whom she was also to use various sexual devices.

As she would later tell Presley, all Jenny wanted was to survive. So when Stroud demanded that she wear sexy garments and then strip or perform with Corkins while he took photographs, she complied. She even smiled as ordered.

Early the next morning, Stroud finally tired of the games. He gave Jenny a ride back to within a block of Staskiewicz's trailer. "You were great tonight," he said. "I'm going to get you $100."

In fact, he told her, if Jenny wanted to come live with him, he'd set her up with her own escort/ prostitution service where she could earn a lot of money. She was living with a loser, Stroud said, and she could do a lot better with him.

Jenny let herself into the trailer. Staskiewicz was out, apparently looking for her. She hadn't been home long when she got a call from Corkins warning her not to talk about what happened "or you'll get hurt."

Jenny may have been tough, and she may have been "fifteen going on twenty-five," as detectives would later say. But with her body aching and her spirit sagging, she did what any young girl might have done in that situation. She called her father.

Just that past summer, Sheldon Duden had come to visit, playing the big man, telling all Jenny's friends that he was riding with the Hell's Angels. Surely he'd want to help his daughter.

But now Duden couldn't be bothered. His fatherly advice: "Take a hot bath and forget about it."

When Jenny told Staskiewicz what had happened, he reacted angrily--not out of concern for Jenny, but because Stroud had messed with something that was his. That called for retaliation.

But Staskiewicz had to be careful. While he wasn't afraid of Stroud, neither did Stroud fear him. He'd have to move slow, get a feel for how their little community would react, for who would side with whom.

In the meantime, Jenny was scared to death. With no one else to talk to, she called a woman she knew from the trailer park.

Linda Johnston was in jail when she talked to Jenny. She told a deputy about the assault, who in turn reported it to his superiors. A deputy was dispatched to the trailer park, but Staskiewicz wouldn't cooperate. The report wound up on Presley's desk.

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