Randal Metz

Big Mac Attack
Regarding Michael Roberts's November 6 Feedback:
How do you know when a music critic is jaded and burned out? When he's the only one out of 18,000 people at McNichols Arena who could not enjoy the recent Fleetwood Mac concert for what it was: a celebration of the music of five very special people performing as a band. Michael was there with an ax to grind, that being to prove Lindsey Buckingham a musical genius and the other four members musical has-beens. Was he right? About Lindsey, yes: Lindsey is a musical genius. About the rest of the band, no: I think 18,000 fans would say Michael was dead wrong.

So this brings us down to two issues about Michael's ability to write this review. One, there is a large and irreconcilable chasm between what he experienced and what moved the other 18,000 people. Two, he has an incredible need to hurl venom at successful performers he dislikes or has written off. Perhaps these issues are what he thinks separate him as a critic from the rest of us as fans. I think it shows how he's changed from a music lover to a jaded cynic. And that's too bad for us all.

George L. Blosser

Hip-Hop Hooray
Michael Roberts's November 6 hip-hop article, "United They Stand," was very interesting. We need more people like this to keep hip-hop in a positive perspective.

Jack Lean
via the Internet

Puff Piece
I would just like to say that I am a huge fan of Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs and I think that his music is great. In Michael Roberts's article "Rap Gets Puffy," in the October 2 issue, he cracked on him, and I think that it was wrong, even though you have freedom of speech. I would like to hear and learn more about Sean and how he got started. I hope you will do some more research, and I hope the next article will be a lot better than the first one I read.

via the Internet

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