The slew of album-release celebrations this week can mean only one thing: I'm about to get even further behind in my reviewing. First up, on Thursday, November 20, at Brendan's, is bluesman supreme Otis Taylor, whose latest recording is called When Negroes Walked the Earth. Two nights later, on Saturday, November 22, at the Bluebird Theater, veteran Denver guitarist Emilio Emilio (who's twinned his first name to differentiate him from just plain Emilio, a popular Tejano performer), commemorates the reissuing of two previous discs, Beyond and Back and Texas Tone Live, the arrival of a third, Cultura, and his parents' fortieth anniversary. Whew. On Sunday, November 23, Betsy Joy introduces the listeners at Littleton Town Hall Arts Center to her just-completed self-titled CD. And on Wednesday, November 26, Seraphim Shock headlines at the Ogden Theatre to tout its long-awaited full-length, Red Silk Vow, and a music video made to accompany the platter's first single, "After Dark." You won't have to fight for the right to party, but you may have to pay a cover.

According to Dave Hartman of My Blind Alley, he and his bandmates found a novel way to replace a recently departed drummer; after trying and failing to find a new timekeeper, they convinced their previous percussionist, Dave Hanlen, to return. See the combo twice this week--on Friday, November 21, at the Market St. Lounge, and Wednesday, November 26, at LoDo's Stars. Also doubling up are cHUCK dA fONK and the Mile High Funkers, who entertain on Thursday, November 20, at the blueroom, with Askimbo, and Tuesday, November 25, at the Mercury Cafe, and Richmond Fontaine, which drops by Cricket on the Hill on Thursday, November 20, and Nick's in Boulder on Friday, November 21.

Pity the following acts--they're getting only one plug in this column. On Friday, November 21, Buzz Bomber and the M-80s fly over the Lion's Lair; Chuck is on a first-name basis at CU-Boulder's Club 156; and the Indulgers splurge at the Skyline Cafe. On Saturday, November 22, the Iowa-based House of Large Sizes, inked not long ago to a contract with Boulder's W.A.R.? imprint, goes to the Market St. Lounge; DeSoto Records' own Dismemberment Plan cuts and runs at the 15th Street Tavern, with the Sleeping Brotherhood House Band; and the Sundays mix up their dates at the Ogden. On Monday, November 24, Eric Burdon, of Animals and War fame, spills the wine at the Fox Theater. And on Tuesday, November 25, the Lunachicks go off the deep end at the Bluebird Theater. Come on in, the water's fine.

--Michael Roberts

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