Peter Tonks

I have to respond to the lamest piece of work I've ever read in your fine publication. I'm sure you already regret publishing "Behind the Doors." I wonder who let this one slip by? This cheap, slobbering (alcoholic?) page of negativity shows one Michael Roberts to be either a lowly graduate of the CIA School of Journalism or just another dumb hack writer. I counted no fewer than twenty worn-out metaphors, among other writing problems. His review of this CD collection consisted of a jabbering attack on the musical legend Jim Morrison himself!

Michael Roberts is a Pepsi-generation whiner, spewing the standard "drug-free America/I hate the Sixties" gibberish we are all familiar with these days. My suggestion is that you terminate the hack at once; then he can become a paralegal (maybe?) and (hopefully?) get a job with US West.

If Mr. Roberts wants to meet a "big dick," he needs to go no further than the nearest mirror.

Matthew Jones

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