A Fish Tale

Instead of capitalizing on the electronica craze, Moby is going his own way.

Such folks will likely be relieved to discover that the next Moby disc, due in September 1998, won't be as homogenous as its studio predecessor. "It's very, very eclectic," he says. "It'll have some dance things on it, some instrumentals, maybe one or two punk rock songs. I don't feel the need to make another record like the last one--something that's self-indulgent and difficult. To an extent, I got that out of my system."

Not entirely, though. Moby is not going to produce the next record by Guns N' Roses, as has been long-rumored, because of schedule conflicts, but he expects to help out here and there; he describes the legendarily volatile Axl Rose as "a very smart, aware, sensitive person who I get along with very well." And while he isn't preparing Animal Rights II, he declares that he continues to love punk and metal--"so that definitely will be part of what I do." But for the moment, he's pleased to be a dance man again--and happy that electronica is finding a larger audience.

"My perspective on the world of electronic dance music has always been formed by traveling around the world, where it's already part of the mainstream," he says. "So it doesn't really surprise me that America is finally catching on. I'm only surprised that it's taken this long."

Moby, with Juno Reactor and Skwidboy. 8 p.m. Friday, November 28, Boulder Theater, 2032 14th Street, $12.60-$14.70, 830-

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