If you haven't heard by now, the folks at Denver's 360 Twist! Records like rock and roll done fast, loud and fun, and three recent CDs from its catalogue provide all three characteristics in spades. On Here Comes Treble, the Hate Bombs, a Florida four-piece, use the rudiments of the style--Standells-esque guitar riffs, whining organ and a rhythm section that sounds like a runaway coal car--to rip through "Just Make Me Happy," "Shake" and fourteen other R&R statements. None of them will live forever, but you won't realize that until after they're done playing. The now-defunct Element 79 ("In Their Element," August 15, 1996) takes a darker approach on Dig Out!: "The Creeper" is a voodoo instrumental that Link Wray would enjoy, while "Walk On By," "Mystreat Me" and "Every Night" are spare, compact screamers that will cause you to start tossing your hair like the moptops of old. It's too bad these guys are gone, but at least their last effort was their finest. Finally, Everything I Need, by the Hectics ("Getting Pretty Hectic," April 25, 1996), assembles all of the trio's previous releases in one convenient place. "Everything I Need," "Wasted" and the rest sound better than ever--and they don't require you to hook up that old, dusty turntable of yours in order to listen to them. By my reckoning, 360 Twist! has just added quite a few points to its already impressive batting average (360 Twist! Records, P.O. Box 8367, Denver 80208).

Our condolences to the family and friends of Herman Roth, owner of Herman's Hideaway, who died last week at age 91. The world needs more rockin' nonagenarians, not fewer. He will be missed.

In "Harmony, German Style," an article about the Denver Turnverein that appeared in last week's issue, contributing writer Marty Jones made note of a Turnverein benefit featuring the organization's chorus, the Arion Gesangverein. Here are some more details: Festivities kick off at 5 p.m. Saturday, November 29, at the Turnverein headquarters, 1570 Clarkson Street, and the Gesangverein will be sharing the bill with the Damn Shambles, Swingbilly, King Rat, Kingpin, the Ray-Ons, Mean Uncle Mike and others. There'll be loads of door prizes, too--so if you're in need of a door, come on down.

Three other dates this week should put you in a philanthropic mood. On Saturday, November 29, at the Temple Events Center, Swallow Hill sponsors its annual Thanksgiving concert and food drive, this year starring vocalist Maura O'Connell and Colcannon. Attendees are encouraged to bring non-perishable food items to be distributed by the Community Food Share program. On Sunday, November 30, at the University of Denver, Grammy winning pianist Yefim Bronfman tickles the ivories at a fundraiser for DU's Lamont Music Associates; call 778-1399 to get directions and other particulars. And the following Wednesday, December 3, the Bluebird Theater hosts a bash designed to bring in dollars for the proposed Capitol Hill Center for the Arts. Among the acts participating are Ink Etc., a performance poetry group, the goth/punk combo decanonizeD and a handful of better-known local combos: Skull Flux, Brethren Fast, nGoMa and Judge Roughneck. On top of the music, there'll also be a booth offering discount piercings. But beware: When these folks talk about giving you a poke, they don't mean it in the Lonesome Dove sense.

In my book, that last sentence qualifies as a literary reference. On Friday, November 28, Indigo Swing plays for the first of two nights at 9th Avenue West; the Homewreckers begin a two-night run of their own at LoDo's Redfish; the Vermicious Knids help Quixote's True Blue celebrate its first anniversary; Green Day comes back to the Ogden Theatre, with D-Generation; and San Francisco's Sugar King Boys get sweet with the Dalhart Imperials at the 15th Street Tavern. On Saturday, November 29, Jinx Jones and the Tel Rays join Paul Galaxy and the Galactix at Herman's Hideaway; Jim Yelnick, a comic who often opens for the Hate Fuck Trio, throws his own rave at the 15th Street Tavern; and Dressy Bessy is looking fine at Seven South, with the North Americans. On Sunday, November 30, Munly de Dar He pitches a new, self-titled album at the Lion's Lair, with Slim Cessna's Auto Club (the same two bands get together the next night at the Fox Theatre). And on Monday, December 1, Virginia's Fighting Gravity takes to the skies at the Lion's Lair, and Ginger Baker and Alan White co-host a drum clinic at the Bluebird. Give them some skins.

--Michael Roberts

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