Schneider is optimistic about the future, but he isn't ready to celebrate quite yet. "It hasn't really affected us that much so far," he says. "There's a series of things that happen to your band after a record comes out, and right now, this just seems like one of them. And we still don't have very much money. We always joked that when we signed to a major label, there'd be like a million dollars in each of our bank accounts the next day. But I keep checking, and there's still nothing there. The tellers are getting sick of seeing me."

"We're definitely not rich and famous," Sidney concurs. "But we're glad people like the record--and I really like it, too. It makes me happy."

The career of the 8-Bucks Experiment hasn't hit the heights attained by the Apples, but Evan O'Meara and his bandmates are on the right track. In December they were filmed for a sequence in Salt Lake City Punk, a new film produced by Sam Maydew and Peter Ward, whose credits include Speed and Twister, and starring Matthew Lillard, a featured player in Scream ("He was the guy who got killed with the TV set at the end," O'Meara explains), and Michael Goorjian from Party of Five.

The director, James Merendino, based the movie on his own experiences in Utah during the early Eighties: O'Meara says it's "one of those American Grafitti, Dazed and Confused kind of things, but really hardcore." He adds that Merendino discovered the Experiment while scouting locations. "He brought all the money people on the movie to this dive bar in Salt Lake where we were playing, and after we were done, he came up to us and said, 'Wow, you guys are fucking intense.' Then, three weeks later, after we got back to Colorado, they called us and said, 'Be out here in two days.'" In the picture, he goes on, the Experiment portrays a British band modeled on GBH "in this fight scene at a place where we're playing. We played our own songs and this Buffalo Springfield cover--you know, the one that goes, 'Stop, children, what's that sound...' ['For What It's Worth']. And I have a speaking part in it, too. I did a pretty fucked-up accent, because I'm not very good at that kind of stuff, and they said they'd probably have somebody dub it. But then afterward, they said they were going to leave it in."

Right now it's unclear which studio will release Punk; although Fox has the inside track, negotiations are continuing. The soundtrack situation is pending, too, but O'Meara has been told that the Experiment's songs will probably share disc space with archival cuts by the likes of the Damned and the Exploited. (The band has also completed a new full-length, tentatively titled Love Thy Brother, which should be out soon on the group's own Blue Moon label.) Furthermore, the filmmakers have said that they want to fly the musicians to France for the flick's premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in May. "It's pretty cool," O'Meara says, "because this is the kind of movie I'd go to see even if I wasn't in it."

When you hit the big time, guys, don't forget the little people back home.

--Michael Roberts

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