A Year of Games

Some Final Signs That Rome Is Falling: In the middle of the Women's Handball World Championships at Max Schmeling Stadium in Berlin, a drunken German lurched into the stands and fatally stabbed two Danish fans, ages 34 and 39. Father of the Year O.J. Simpson told reporters that his fondest wish in life is "to play golf with my children." Researchers at Pennsylvania State University reported that because athletic scholarships for females are more plentiful and pro sports careers for women are opening up, an increasing number of high-school girls are experimenting with anabolic steroids.

And this: In Elyria, Ohio, golfer Peter McNamara, growing ever more impatient with the slow play of the foursome in front of him, teed off into the group, which included a pregnant woman. Came a confrontation on the fairway, and McNamara punched out the husband of the expectant mother, breaking his nose. After being convicted of assault, McNamara is now practicing his short game in prison--for two years.

My, oh my, what would the late Jackie Robinson think of it all?

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