A Bitter Pill

Vitamin crusaders burned out of a right-wing radio station find the official version of events tough to swallow.

The couple noticed several other oddities as they sorted through the blackened rubble. For example, they had always dead-bolted the door with a key from the outside, they say, but neighbors had been able to kick in the door when the fire was first discovered, which meant the dead bolt had not been locked, which meant that someone could have come through a window and then walked out the door by unlocking the dead bolt from inside. Also, Harris says, they'd kept track of their computer disks, since they had to be cross-referenced with the vast amount of information they've collected over the last five years, and when she counted the metal pieces that remained from the disks, some were missing.

And if the hot plate was the cause of the fire, they wonder, why was the damage the worst at their computers, which weren't anywhere near the hot plate?

Harris and Ludwell say they think KHNC wants the investigation closed because an arson case would delay insurance payment. The station itself was comfortably insured, according to Resnick, but the adjustor has told Harris and Ludwell that they're covered for only $2,500, since the insurance on the building was not for personal effects.

But all the owners of the Law Loft really need to carry on is their research, and Harris doesn't think that will be too tough to re-create. "Oh, a visit to the library in Rome, which is the single-best place in the world that I know of where you can get most of the international paperwork the fastest, and I might need to go to Switzerland, too," she says. "That fire destroyed five years of our spending weeks at a time in libraries, and so our top priorities are getting all of that back and getting on a radio station. There are some deadlines coming up."

Two important ones: Congress goes back to work on January 28, and there's a crucial Codex meeting in Bonn in September.

"Just get me there," Harris says. "I'll get the information. You know, the Bill of Rights is under massive attack--both parties are working to destroy it. But they'd better get their gritty paws off my vitamins."

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