The readers can and will believe what they wish, but I can positively guarantee you that Coors will never allow any talk of preservation, let alone put out any financing in a direction that would maintain the building in any capacity. They would much rather have a small piece of land on which to park a few cars. Coors is like an oil slick that slowly works its way to the shore, smothering and killing everything there. They always have and always will be more interested in destroying the beautiful fabric of Golden's rich history.

Andrea Grotte

Whatever Floats Your Boat
I was very disappointed in Bill Gallo's review of Titanic ("That Sinking Feeling," December 18). It seems like the minute he walked into the theater, he already had his mind made up about this movie. This movie just might be one of the greatest films ever created, and he's running every part of it into the ground. If this movie is such a "bomb," as is Gallo's opinion, I would very much like him to explain to me why, at the conclusion of this "three-hour-plus extravaganza," the entire room stood up and gave it a standing ovation.

I totally understand that Gallo is very much entitled to his own opinion, but I don't feel that he should label a movie as the greatest waste of money when his uneducated statements could very well influence an unexpecting viewer from seeing this picture.

Thank you for your time.
Amy Rutta
via the Internet

In a January 1 letter about Bill Gallo's negative review of Titanic, "Dayna" writes: "My boyfriend (a police officer and Marine) and I saw Titanic on its opening Saturday and..." blah, blah, blah.

I haven't seen the movie yet, but I'm very skeptical of the opinion of someone who has to point out that her boyfriend is a police officer and a Marine.

John Driscoll

Watch Your Language
Regarding Michael Roberts's "Obscene and Heard," in the December 4 issue:
I loved the article about the relatively recent tolerance for previously unacceptable language on the radio. The language and behavior I hear on the radio all the time is one of the things that keeps me from listening as much as I used to. I used to be a big KBPI fan (even before it was KBPI) but was still offended by people like Willie B. Hung (my guess as to how it's spelled, although I always thought Will He Be Hung? was a better choice). It seems to me that as time goes on, entertainment turns to cheaper and cheaper thrills and tricks. It's as if everyone wants to be a Howard Stern DJ, only with a twist. Too bad.

Laura Simpson

Whining and wheedling about the "content" of JD DJs? In the "New" South, the most popular radio program regionally prides itself on the ability to call people "fags" and "shiftless" blacks. This is the most popular radio show, from the Mason-Dixon line down, with little to no complaint. How about a game called "Beat the Blonde"? Outguess the "stupid" blond woman and get a prize! Yee haw--don't burn the grits! The editorial segment consists of an old-guard Southerner who believes that women should stay home and that blacks are uppity, whining do-nothings. He's so homophobic that he speaks gladly of the day AIDS kills all "fags." They asked for it, don't you know?

Give me immature, "scat"-y DJs any day.
P. Archer
via the Internet

The Creole Thing
I read Eric Dexheimer's November 20 article, "It's My Party," about Dottie Grisby. Grisby isn't a "Cajun," as you described. Cajuns are white French who fled Nova Scotia for political and religious reasons. Cajuns are white French. Creoles are racially mixed people who live in New Orleans.

Lynn Henderson

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