I had never seen an authentic Western tavern that reeked memories and stories the way the Goose did. I had never before met such kind and interesting people. Granted, there was not a lot of time left, but hardly a day went by that I did not stop in for lunch or, if my schedule permitted, an afternoon brew of Coors's finest.

Dave Adams Jr.
via the Internet

Zen Will It End?
In her reply to Eric Dexheimer's December 18 article, "Karma Crash," neighbor Stephanie Lynch takes issue with the reference to my RAID membership. Specifically, Dexheimer's article states that I "recently quit RAID in protest over the group's tactics." To clear up any misunderstanding about this, I supported RAID during the summer of 1996 and then broke off my affiliation with the group in the fall of that year.

If Stephanie or other RAID members feel this does not constitute membership, I will be happy to honor their wishes.

Karin Swett
via the Internet

In your article about inappropriate development in Four Mile Canyon, your reporter stated that Naomi Rachel doesn't have any pets. I need to correct that statement, since I am Naomi's cat. It is true that I am black and I have a tail, so I thought I'd pose as a squirrel just to see how easy it might be to fool the press. I guess we have the answer now. I also know where Eric Dexheimer got the false impression. Betty Gibbs's cat, Petty Gripes, said her owner thought it would make Naomi seem more radical. Since the article came out, I've been talking with the clutter of cats who reside in Denver, and in cathouses throughout the city I've heard that Westword decides on the slant for a story before doing the interviews. In my feline opinion, that is dog-food journalism.

Higgins Cat

Editor's note: Mr. Cat's letter carried the return address of RAID headquarters.

Mutt Ado About Nothing
Westword is noted for its diligence in protecting minority rights, victims of sex discrimination and those falsely accused. Even when we have political payoffs in the Capitol or City Hall, Westword is there to champion the public's right to fairness.

However, in his review of As Good As It Gets ("All Jack and No Play," January 1), Bill Gallo describes the first scene--"When first we see Melvin Udall...he's stuffing his neighbor's pesky little dog into the garbage chute of their Manhattan apartment building"--and makes no mention of whether this action is good or bad. Two months ago in Iowa, teenagers came into a cat shelter and killed 29 cats with baseball bats. Their defense attorney said, "Well...boys will be boys...what can you expect?"

It has been shown from Ted Bundy to Charles Starkweather that those who abuse animals as young children later commit serious crimes against the public. I am sure that many on the Westword staff have a dog or a cat and would not like to have their pet thrown in a garbage can without an "I am sorry."

Davis Hester

The Sporting News
Bill Gallo ends his January 8 note about the Broncos with these words: "Look out."

Look out, indeed. Denver is about to display embarrassing boosterism--and that's just from the sports reporters.

Thank God we have someone like Gallo to remind us that sports is more than the final score and that sports writing is more than just stringing a few adjectives together.

Glenn Smithers
via the Internet

Attention, cheapskates of Denver: To those of you out there opposed to everything that involves a tax, we would like to inform you all of a major current event in the Denver metro area. It involves our beloved Denver Broncos. We all know about the stadium issue: to build or not to build, remember? We here also think that Pat Bowlen is a greedy, self-absorbed tyrant. We all know that even with all of his money, he, despite the fact, wants us to pay for the majority of it. Now, we know that you taxpayers work hard for your dough and you people hate this idea because you don't want to open up the ol' billfold to fork over yet another city tax for something you may or may not support. We too are taxpayers, but we have discovered something that will enable the city of Denver to build a new stadium, with no cost to the taxpayers.

Now, if we haven't completely pissed you off yet and you're still reading this, we have one major point that should steer you all in the right direction. Remember the Rockies? We paid for their new stadium, and now we can help pay for the Broncos' new stadium. What the hell are we talking about? Well, what many of you don't know is that since the Coors Field tax will be paid off in half of the time calculated, the remaining money could go over to the $180 million allotment of the proposed Broncos stadium. The only thing that needs to be done is to vote yes on election day. See, it's not that hard.

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