Seeing Red

Four years ago Pat checked into a nursing home in Lakewood. Jack visited as often as he could. Across the hall from Pat was gangster Clyde Smaldone. Jack saw his name on the door, but he never talked to him.

Pat died six weeks ago, on January 2. Smaldone died five days later. The dailies wrote sizable stories about him. Jack sent the papers a short item about Pat. He sent it in twice. She was never mentioned. Not even an obituary.

It's dusk now. Jack is tired. His eyes are watery. His face sags. He has nothing more to tell.

Pat wanted her body donated to science. When doctors are done with it, he says, they'll send back her ashes.

He hasn't planned a memorial service. Pat's daughters are in Florida for the winter, due back in April. There will probably be something for her then. Something nice. Maybe something small.

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