Strange Bedfellows

6) Teaches that bearing children out-of-wedlock is likely to have harmful consequences for the child, the child's parent, and society.

Hey, no problem here. Although Romer admits he's "not a very sexual person," he managed to go above and beyond the call and fathered seven children within wedlock--and those children went on to make fifteen other children. And not a one of them on welfare (unless you count the daughter currently living in the governor's mansion and serving as her father's chief apologist).

7) Teaches the importance of attaining self-sufficiency before engaging in sexual activity.

Hey! Here's where Romer really fits the bill. When word of his relationship with Thornberry first went public, in 1990, she was his deputy chief of staff, on the state payroll and most definitely not self-sufficient. No wonder Romer denied that anything was going on! After that, Thornberry moved to Washington, D.C., and a job at the Department of the Interior, then on to the directorship of the DNC, where she was self-sufficient enough to accept millions of questionable donations. But after Romer became DNC chair and became accountable for those donations, Thornberry moved again, this time to HUD, where once again she is self-sufficient. Extra added protection, even though the relationship, as we all know, is not "sexual." But isn't it good to have a governor who practices safe non-sex?

In fact, there's only one way that Romer fails to measure up to Musgrave's needs. In addition to HB 1366, she's also introduced an anti-same-sex-marriage bill--for the third time. Although back in 1992 Romer took a firm stand against Amendment 2, after last year's legislative session--and Musgrave's second attempt at a defense-of-marriage act--he charged a task force with assessing the meaning of marriage. (That committee must be working overtime parsing every sentence of Romer's recent declarations.)

Musgrave and her minions have longed for Romer to remove himself from any discussion of sticky social issues--same-sex marriages, abstinence, abortion--the topics that the governor ought to address. But now, with a six-minute smooch captured on film by an unknown surveillance team, Romer's lips are effectively sealed.

And that's the real sin here.

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