Pat Bowlen is bluffing when his publicists tell you that an illegal, unenforceable NFL rule can stop the City of Denver from taking over the Broncos--just as he's bluffing when he claims that the Broncos will leave if he doesn't get your tax money. The Broncos have nearly two decades left on an unbreakable "specific performance" lease agreement with the city. That's the agreement they signed in the 1970s, in exchange for the Mile High Stadium upgrade that Denver taxpayers are still paying for.

Dave Kopel
Research Director, Independence Institute

Clearing the Air
As one of several sources quoted in Scott Yates's "Blowing Smoke," in the February 5 issue, I appreciate Westword's coverage of a legislative issue that rarely has any coverage in the dailies.

However, I made clear to Mr. Yates that the Sierra Club had not taken any position on the proposed "voluntary emissions plan," that we were "neutral" on the plan because we had several technical concerns (including the presumption that this plan would satisfy Best Available Retrofit Technology requirements, the regulatory assurances and the "wires charge") and that the proposed legislation had not even been introduced at the time of our interview. Although the quotes were accurate, the context and implication that the Sierra Club was supporting the plan were not.

If and when the Sierra Club takes an official view on a piece of actual legislation or emissions-reduction plan, we will be happy to say so directly. Until that time, placing our organization in one camp or another only serves to mislead the public.

Bill Myers, Vice Chair, Air Quality Issues
Rocky Mountain Sierra Club

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