Post Mortem

But it was left to Councilwoman Susan Barnes-Gelt to make the point that modern architecture is an important Denver legacy. She wondered out loud why salvaging the travertine and terra cotta on the Post building had not even been discussed. She also said what should have been obvious to the rest of the council--that her role as an elected official did not include protecting a private developer like Berger from financial risk. "My father always said a dollar is round," Barnes-Gelt noted, by way of explaining that if Berger doesn't want to take the risk of playing by the B-5 rules, someone else will.

Unfortunately, no one else will ever get the chance--and Berger will soon bring an asphalt parking lot and a stucco wall to the historic block at 15th and California streets. Before the old Post building is gone, go by and take one last look. Then kiss it goodbye.

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