He lost me a long time ago, and so did you.
B. Touring

Great article about Marvin. I'm glad to see that there is a medium in town that recognizes genius in action. It takes a man like Jay to show this city how to be itself. It's okay to have struggles within yourself, and it's okay to make mistakes--just keep trying and be yourself. Do what's right! I look forward to my daily dose of Jay; my day wouldn't be complete without him. Thanks, Jay, for teaching me how to be myself again and again.

P.S.: Long live the Nation of Marvin!
Irvin Caravella

I believe Michael Roberts omitted a very important fact. I listen to talk radio for the different viewpoints expressed by the hosts and the callers. However, on Jay Marvin's show, you receive neither.

The callers are disconnected and harangued for having differing views from Marvin. His sophomoric diatribes speckled with profane descriptions of individuals he disagrees with are childish at best, libelous at worst.

While abhorrent behavior is abominable, Roberts omitted the definitive fact that Marvin is boring.

Richard Parks

The only thing more amusing than the current fight over Glendale's strip bars is listening to Marvin talk about it. Excellent piece.

Paul Leonard

Religious right: usually wrong.
Most have read the stories about the big battle in Glendale over the topless bars. The Glendale City Council versus the Strippers makes for great press but is not the whole story. As a matter of fact, it is the citizens of Glendale, the small businesses and the homeowners' associations that are fuming mad over a hypocritical city council that is unresponsive to city needs.

But let's enter the Radical Religious Right (RRR) into this mess. Westword reports that the National Family League Foundation (NFLF) is really behind the brouhaha in the bars. The NFLF has such notable connections as Charles Keating, who was jailed for S&L fraud, and former U.S. attorney general Edwin Meese, who was forced to resign from office because of his role in the Iran-Contra scandal.

The border issues, tax-revenue issues and other problems in Glendale will probably get drowned out in a sea of alleged "morality." Moral mayor Joe Rice says he is going to stop prostitution in Glendale's bars. The Glendale police chief says that they have never had an arrest for prostitution. The mayor wastes taxpayer dollars to "cure" problems that don't exist.

The RRR has two agendas: hate and hypocrisy. The NFLF has a hate agenda against gays, pro-choice abortion people and bars. The Moral Majority is neither moral nor a majority. They have no "family values."

Jim Bauer

A Matter of Course
A high five to Bill Gallo for his piece on Casey Martin ("The Golf War," March 19). There is nothing quite so amusing as observing the stuffed shirts of golf--lubricated by martinis served at their country clubs--defending the "traditions" of the game, among them walking the course.

Walking is as much of a performance factor in professional golf as spitting is in baseball. It is a factor in golf for us common duffers, but the robust men of steel on the PGA Tour do not carry their own clubs and have many opportunities to rest between shots. Walking is an inconsequential element of the physical skill of golf, more contemplative ritual than actual exercise. The mandatory use of helmets has not changed the nature of hockey. Nor has the fact that few players wear the traditional all-white apparel in tennis tarnished that game's name. Letting one man use a cart on the Nike Tour will not alter the competitive balance in pro golf.

While I might agree with those who believe that the Americans With Disabilities Act was not the proper club for Casey Martin to use, few can doubt that he was forced to do so. The moguls of golf should have had the decency and common sense to grant Martin an exemption in the first place. The PGA has allowed exemptions for many other reasons, and the game somehow survived. Martin, an essentially shy and peaceful man, was forced to go public.

Gallo is quite right in pointing out what a tired, backward-thinking, patronizing and paranoid bunch the PGA is.

Jack Farrar

This Is Private
Regarding Patricia Calhoun's "Private Eyeful," in the March 12 issue:
Political Stampede
As with a mad bull, deep in ravine
And food he sees; never stand between
A Republican and his money
Or a Democrat and his honey!
Robert Ramsey

Having read Patricia Calhoun's "Private Eyeful," I felt several comments concerning the Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado (PPIAC) needed to be addressed. As chairman of the board of directors of the PPIAC, I would like to clarify certain statements about our organization. The PPIAC was formed twenty years ago following the Colorado Supreme Court's declaration that the private investigators' licensing law was invalid. Colorado has not had PI licensing or regulation since. The PPIAC is a voluntary association and the only one representing investigators in Colorado.

We focus on training and education of investigators while providing a framework for ethical conduct. We have educational speakers at our monthly meetings while holding annual training conferences that are attended by investigators from other states as well as from Colorado.

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