A Lack of Supporting Evidence

Colorado gets tough on deadbeat parents--but what if they happen to be lawyers?

Two months ago Lori Buchner testified that Jaramillo hadn't driven her children since she became aware that his license was under suspension. For his part, Jaramillo has obtained a restraining order against Steven Buchner and has filed an assault complaint against him over an altercation in a Safeway parking lot last December; that case is still pending.

If Jaramillo is found to be in contempt of court next month over non-payment of child support, it's unclear how long it might take for the Supreme Court to take disciplinary action. Henry of the ODC won't venture a guess as to how many attorneys might be in the same boat; many of those who admitted delinquency on their registration forms may have mistakenly checked the wrong box, he suggests, and the mandate to identify deadbeats wasn't accompanied by any additional funding to investigate such cases.

"The Supreme Court and our office are severely backed up over this," he says.

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