To recapitulate, conservative Christians believe that the State of Israel foretells the return of Jesus and the complete destruction of the Jews. Jews who cooperate with conservative Christians who support Israel should be aware of the reason for that conservative Christian support.

Peter Gross

Warning! Warning! Warning! The red flag is up!
Since no one interviewed a pro-life activist (to balance the Planned Parenthood bias) for Harkavy's article, I offer my input.

"A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. It takes a double-minded man to vote for a double-minded man, and then we wonder why our nation is unstable in all its ways!" That's what I said of Bob Dole, and the same is true of Bill Owens.

If both sides of the fence don't see Bill the same way--totally pro-life and against all abortion--then Bill is a compromiser and not a conservative. In other words, he's not totally pro-life and against all abortion. He's trying to be Mr. Congeniality, and not a strong leader--the type of leader it's going to take to win the battle against abortion. Bill is not a statesman; he's just another politician who "speaks with forked tongue." In other words, double-minded.

On the other hand, Terry Walker is a bold, strong pro-life leader who takes a physical stand against abortion repeatedly. Walker is "Mr. Right" and I'd vote for him.

Corine Miller

A Man's Home Is His Hassle
I read with disgust T.R. Witcher's April 9 story, "Public Nuisance No. 1," about Michael Pisarck being forced out of his home for one drug charge. You know what I'd like to see? Every unfortunate whose home Lieutenant David Bricker gleefully steals (sorry--"seizes") land on his doorstep and move in with him.

He stole their home; he owes them a new one.
Hey, Lieutenant Bricker--let he who is without sin cast the first stone. (Do you drink?--BUZZ. Thank you for playing.)

I'm sure this inane nuisance-ordinance idea began as a way to "clean up neighborhoods." But once again common sense (not to mention compassion) was left out of the equation.

Big Brotherism is running amok. I suggest we all pray it stops.
Melinda Brindley

This county is fast becoming more and more of a police state. What an adult does in the privacy of his own home should be inviolate unless heavy dealing or other harmful-to-the-public activities are seriously indicated.

Doesn't the police force have better things to do?
To steal the property of a man on the assumption that he was a dealer is a ridiculous miscarriage of justice. This is an obvious trend in which certain powers in Denver are very anxious to line the coffers.

Where are the police when a handsome car continually and without penalty runs a red light? I've never seen that happen until I moved to Denver, and I see it often! I also have never seen such vindictive, punitive, money-motivated cops except in Denver. Maybe they are penalized if they don't deliver. If that is so, more shame to the county for demoralizing its law-enforcement officers to the point where their values have become corrupted.

P.S. What is wrong with the bored snoops who turned Michael Pisarck in? Is this becoming another Nazi state?

Name withheld on request

Johnny Be Good
I really enjoyed Bill Gallo's column on Johnny Podres, "Johnny on the Spot," in the February 20 issue. In 1956 I played baseball against Podres in the Navy. We were drafted, which was quite unusual at that time. We both wound up in the Portsmouth Naval Hospital that year, he for a back problem and I with a knee problem. We watched Don Larsen pitch his perfect game in the World Series from the orthopedic ward.

It was kind of tough for Podres to watch after the great World Series he'd had the previous year.

Don Storch
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