Mouthing Off

More familiar faces headed much farther south for the opening of the Bank One Ballpark in Phoenix on March 31, including Colorado Rockies co-owner and big brewer Peter Coors, microbrewer John Hickenlooper (who thought just about every abandoned building in Phoenix would be a good site for a brewpub like Denver's Wynkoop Brewing Company at 1634 18th Street), and brew-pourer Melissa Lee, the sometime Dolly Parton lookalike who, along with her husband, tends bar at The ChopHouse at 1735 19th Street.

Even more familiar was the name of a bar a few blocks away from the ballpark: Jackson Hole. But it turns out the joint is no relation to the Denver-based Jackson's Hole Sports Grill, or Jackson's All American Sports Grill, as some of the local restaurants are now called; the Phoenix Jackson Hole just happens to be a hole (albeit a cheerful one) located on Jackson Street. Which caused no end of problems for the folks from Denver's Jackson's Hole when they wanted to open a place near the Phoenix ballpark. Instead, they settled on Jackson's on Third (Avenue, that is). Otherwise, says a suds-pourer (32 on tap), the Phoenix version "is exactly the same."


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