Off Limits

How do you like them apples? Ow! Why can't the New York Times leave Denver alone and pick on something its own size--say, Bill Gates's ego? After exposing the Bolder Boulder's cowardly dealings with all those speedy Kenyans last week, the Times turned the spotlight on Governor Roy Romer, the lyin' in winter. In the April 16 "A Wisp of Scandal, but Nothing More," Denver-based Times reporter James Brooke reported on the fallout since Romer revealed his "very affectionate relationship" with B.J. Thornberry ten weeks before. "That is behind me," Romer told Brooke "tersely." But then, as the piece pointed out, so is Romer's political career--and the Democrats' 24-year lock on the Governor's Mansion.

Gee, and just a month ago, Times reporter R.W. Apple was so nice to us. Touring the country for a series of "On the Road" articles, Apple focused on Denver in the March 27 "A Cowtown That Acquired High Culture." The piece was pleasant, if predictable, enough that both the Rocky Mountain News and the Denver Post reprinted it the following Sunday--with a few tell-tale cuts. The Post snipped bits throughout the article: a quote from University of Denver law school dean Robert Yegge ("The city I grew up in doesn't exist"); a section on the failure of the city's musical organizations to find the support that its theater groups have; an anecdote about Horace Tabor, who, after asking who this Shakespeare was, wondered, "What the hell has he ever done for Colorado?"

The News cut just a phrase here and there (former Post publisher and DCPA head Donald Seawell was no longer "silver-haired, pink-cheeked")--and then sliced the end off Apple's conclusion. Describing DIA, Apple had written, "The building itself has a certain majesty, especially the main terminal hall, which is covered with a tent of Teflon-coated fabric." You had to read the Post to get the rest of the story:

"But from the outside," Apple concluded, "it looks like nothing so much as a high-tech encampment for a race of Bedouin giants, and I confess that I can't look at it without giggling.

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