Coming to Take You Away

Fey's magical musical tour of Denver is nearly over. There will be no great finale, no last encore. He wanders back to the front of the store, looking drawn, muttering that you just can't really imagine what it used to look like. He stops, lingers at the ice-cream case, glides by a display of Jelly Tubs, tells a few more stories. So some of them are the same old stories, but does it matter? "I've been accused many times of living in the past," he says, "but so what?"

Out the door, Fey shakes some hands and has his picture taken. Then he clambers into his sport utility vehicle and heads home.


Rock 'n' Roll Tour of Denver with Barry Fey, 9 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Friday, June 5, June 26, July 24 or August 7, Colorado History Museum, 1300 Broadway, $15-$25, 830-

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