P.S.: Regarding Michael Roberts's April 30 "Breaking Up Is Easy to Do," we're all responsible for any kind of music scene here; it's up to us to put Colorado on the music map instead of becoming North New Mexico, South Wyoming, East Kansas or West Utah.

R. D. Jones

I don't want to give the impression that I do not support local artists of all types, especially other bands playing the same styles as I do. Quite the contrary: I think that it's great to see the jump-blues thing happening. However, I think that it's clear that you have not done your research on the local music scene. There are a few local bands doing the same thing, and much more so in the public eye. I hope to see Boa and the Constrictors, but the fact is that I and most of the people I know have never even heard of them. It is my humble opinion (and it is just an opinion) that you should check out some of the other swing/jump blues bands in town.

Tyson Murray
via the Internet

Linda Gruno's article on the jump-blues idiom and Boa and the Constrictors was well-written and informative. But as the jobless bassist in the band, I feel the need to clarify something for my family and bandmates so that all can sleep easier: Guys, I really do have a job.

Maurice Zamora
via the Internet

A Long Time Coming
The length of most of the articles printed in your paper is absolutely absurd. Wow--to think I considered linotype as a profession.

Phil Dietrich

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