From the week of July 9, 1998

We visited the site again in August 1996, and everything remains the same. May they forever rest in peace, and may they never be forgotten.

George Shenkar

The Rest of the Best
How dare Adrian Dater "yawn" over the Best of Denver issue in his letter published July 2? The Best of Denver is my favorite issue. I keep all of them and wait all year for the new edition. It never lets me down. Every year the Westword staff finds new and unusual things about this city. So what if we all know about Aimee Sporer's hair? It's fun to read about, and Westword can't just write about burgers and buildings. (Besides, it's great hair.)


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Mr. Dater sounds like a know-it-all. But if he knew one-tenth of the things that Westword wrote about in the Best of Denver 1998, I'd be surprised.

As for his complaints, I have one response: Yawn.
Sherry Carpenter

How pleased we were to see that one of the neighborhood murals was listed in your Best of Denver issue! (See "Best Cultural Mural", page 28.) However, we would like you to know that Carlos Fresquez had lots of help from the neighbors of the Cole and Five Points neighborhoods. Is it possible to give credit in some future Westword issue?

As is the case with the neighborhood art projects that are sponsored by Neighborhood Cultures of Denver, the mural at 3438 Downing Street was designed with input from the residents and painted by them with the artist overseeing the work. The lead arts organization at the time was the Urban Art Experiment, under the leadership of Mel Benetti.

The correct credit for this mural is most important, since residents of low-income neighborhoods take great pride in artwork in which they have been involved. It is one way their neighborhoods can be seen differently by the public. When neighborhood residents collaborate with their artists, they contribute a number of (usually unnoticed) assets and develop a greater sense of belonging.

Mary Kennedy and Carlos Fresquez
Neighborhood Cultures of Denver

Please accept my genuine thanks for the honor of Best Jazz Recording in your 1998 Best of Denver issue. Your publication has been a continual source of support for our artistic endeavors, so I would like to use this opportunity to again express my gratitude for all that you have done. You have truly helped bring our music "Out of the Shadows."

Also, thanks for acknowledging the wonderful musicians involved so they could know their efforts were appreciated, too. (Wade Sander is our trombone player, by the way.) If you know anyone who would like a CD, they are at Twist & Shout, Wax Trax, the Malt Shop, Kolacny Music or bobgillisgroup.iuma.com.

Bob Gillis

I hate having to write this. I look forward to reading your Best of Denver edition every summer. I like to learn, laugh, disagree and congratulate as I read through your selections. Alas, the activist in me got the best of me just now as I began to read this year's edition. I must comment on the placement of one of your Best Ofs: Best Porno Web Site. This entry was placed among gay, lesbian and drag-queen Best Ofs. The impression one gets is that "porno" is somehow related to gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender. As a member of the GLBT community, I must take offense at the placement of the porno nomination. Porno and GLBT are not related and should not be considered to be in the same category of nominations.

Because of my fondness for your magazine and my belief that your magazine is supportive of the GLBT community, I choose to believe this placement of the porno Web page nomination was a mistake. I can more easily believe this since following the GLBT listings are listings for other best Web pages. It was an editor's oversight, right?

Please do me the favor of an honest reply. Was this an error in printing and editorship, or was this an intentional, insensitive, ignorant choice for the placement of the porno Web page nomination? If the answer is the latter, I hope you will be honest and admit it and also will be more sensitive and aware in the 1999 edition of Best of Denver.

Thank you. Now that the activist in me has acted, I can sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of your magazine. (P.S.: Good job on your choice for Best Gay Web Page. Cafe Vivid is, as you state, "beautifully crafted.")

Leslie Wright
via the Internet

Editor's note: How about none of the above? Best Porno Web Site was bumped up two categories in order to accommodate Kenny Be's fine illustrations for Best Place to Meet a Drunken Drag Queen and Best Place to Get Drunk for Free.

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