A Reporter Stands Accused

The Post's David Algeo faces a charge of sexual assault on a child.

They met in an Internet chat room. She sent him a school picture so he would know what she looked like. After a couple of weeks, he told her that he loved her. They set up a date to meet at the Westminster Mall for a Coke.

But there were two problems. He told her he thought she was fifteen; she was really fourteen. She thought he was 24; in fact, he was a 42-year-old Denver Post reporter, married with a kid.

The reporter, David Algeo, who writes for the Post's business section, has been charged by the Jefferson County district attorney with felony sexual assault of a child. His arraignment is set for 1 p.m. July 20 before District Judge Michael Villano.

Although Jeffco is known for its efforts to cut down on sex with juveniles arranged over the Internet, authorities did not ferret out this case. The complaint that led police to arrest Algeo came from the girl's family.

"He's saying that it's all a big misunderstanding," says a woman who described herself as a "very close family member" of the girl but insisted on anonymity. "That's not true. He was deliberate and direct in his e-mails, and he warned her that he could get in big trouble if she ever told anyone [about their relationship]. She believed he was a college student and thought that they were meeting for a 'mall date.' But within five minutes, he had her out of the mall and back to his house. Now the man is lying, trying to save himself. Sex is sex. But when you get a 28-year difference in age, it's sick."

"The guy knew very well what he was doing," says another woman, who identifies herself as a "concerned party close to the family." "He's not stupid. He totally took advantage of her naivete." She adds that the girl has undergone psychological counseling since the alleged incident.

Asked about the charge, Algeo told Westword: "I don't want to get myself into a further mess. I don't want to bury myself."

He referred questions to his attorney, Steven R. Gayle, who responded with a written statement from Algeo: "This matter has been very painful and embarrassing to me, to my family, and to everyone involved. My attorney has explained to me that I must refrain from any further comment at this time, in order to allow the legal system to resolve the problem in an unhindered manner."

Algeo himself declined further comment to Westword, adding, "I'm not clear why this is even a story."

The girl's family thinks it is.
"I'm sick of reading his articles every other day," says the woman who identifies herself as a "concerned party." "His lifestyle hasn't changed in any way. This guy is going on with his life. He's still getting his paycheck and still has his family, while this girl is going to suffer for the rest of her life. He hasn't paid the price for what he consciously did to this girl. I mean, he has a child. How would he feel if this sort of thing happened to his kid?"

According to a highly detailed Arvada Police Department affidavit, this is what happened: The girl and a man whom the affidavit calls "Dave" (and who is later identified by police as Algeo) began their relationship in an America Online chat room around Thanksgiving 1997. The girl logged on as "15female"; Dave immediately "I.M.'d" her, using AOL's "instant message" feature, and suggested that they move to a separate chat room so they could speak privately. Dave originally said he was 24 years old, but after a few conversations, the girl said that he admitted that he was 34 years old and worked for the Rocky Mountain News. Dave gave the girl his home and work phone numbers and used the screen names ALGEOCOLO, BLDRKID3 and BLDRKID1.

The girl told police the online chats quickly evolved from talk of their hobbies to overtly sexual topics. "He talked about meeting in a hotel room to make love," the girl told police, adding that Dave would say such things as "You get me hot and sweaty" and "You give me a hard-on." The two also had discussions about their age differences. According to the affidavit, the girl said Dave stated that he believed it was all right for someone his age to have sex with someone her age regardless of what the law says. On one occasion, she told police, Dave reportedly said he'd spent the night with a fourteen-year-old girl without having sex, possibly as a means of reassuring "15female" that it was okay to meet him in person. But Dave also reportedly warned the girl that if they had sex, she couldn't tell anyone or he would get into "a lot of trouble."

Finally, on December 30, the girl and Dave made arrangements to meet in person at Westminster Mall. The girl later told police that it was Dave's idea and that she believed the two of them were going to meet for a Coke and walk around the mall, then eventually go to his place to "have dinner and make out."

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